Promoting & Selling Your Art eBook
From Reviews of Promoting & Selling Your Art
(printed edition)

Promoting & Selling Your Art is a highly readable, informative book for artists who have talent and ambition, but limited business experience.
Colorado Woman Magazine

If you happen to be an illustrator or photographer interested in expanding your market beyond those in advertising and editorial (this) would be (a) most valuable addition to your library.
Communication Arts Magazine

It’s a fascinating, well-written account of the artist’s life which will be well worth a gallery owner’s time to read.
Décor Magazine

There is a wealth of information in Katchen’s book and though some of it might not seem right or relevant for a particular artist, there is a great deal more that should prove valid and valuable for every artist.
James Mills, The Denver Post

(This book) represents the kind of information anyone, professional or amateur, should know in order to protect their rights and establish their reputation in the art world.
West Orange Chronicle, Maplewood News-Record, New Jersey

Ms. Katchen has covered all grounds thoroughly.
Artists of the Rockies Magazine

The results are sheer practicality.
The Wichita Eagle

The professional artist should read it, study it and apply it.
Colorado Art Show News

The versatile volume offers sound marketing advice aimed particularly at artists on the thresholds of their careers.
Irene Clurman, Rocky Mountain News